nedelja, 11. november 2012

Navodila za izdelavo mini albuma

Na internetu se najde veliko navodil o tem kako album narediti. Obstaja 1000 in 1 način. No takega jaz še nisem zasledila in sem obljubila da objavim način izdelave. No, danes mi je končno uspelo najti čas da sem izrisala sestavo albuma, ki sem ga izpostavila na   68. izzivu Craft-alnice .

Zadeva je enostavna in je lušno darilo za vsako priložnost.

On the internet you can find  a lot of instructions on how to make the album and mini album. There are 1000 and 1 way. I didn't find anything like this so i decidet to post tut here on my blog. Probably you find my blog on Paperkitz youtube channel.
Well, I finally managed to find litle bit of my timeand i draw composition of the album, which I pointed out at the craftalnica challenge.
1 sheet of 12x12  (30x30cm) you give it on half and you can assemble it on at least 10 ways....
Thank you Kit for post my design on your channel! You did a great job!

Tu se vidi razlika v albumih. V prvem zavihek uporabim na prvi strani
V drugem delu pa ga uporabim 
here you can see the diference in assembling the paper.
Flap on first page OR:

kot predal nazadnji strani/ Pocket on last page

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  1. I love your album, Simona! Thank you for sharing and let's keep in touch!

  2. I love this great idea and saw the video that Kit did to show how it was made!! Thanks so much for sharing, I will definitely try it!!! Happy Scrapping!! Patti

    1. Thank you Patty im happy that you like it! I didnt see the video jet. But i trust Kit for great representation :)

  3. Thank You. I've just seen the video at
    fantastic that You have got it to Kitz
    Merry Christmas from Denmark.

    1. I trust kit. She is an expert in 1 sheet albums ;) ;)
      Thank you
      and happy Christmas Else!!

  4. Just watch Kit's video on the mini thank you for letting her share it with us, Hugs Kay

  5. Hello Simon! Kit sent me. Her video was great and your mini album design is wonderful! Thanks so much for sharing it!...Nancy :o)

  6. I love this and Kit said Hi! Thank you so much for sharing such an awesome idea.Happy Holidays !

    1. Thank you Sue!
      Give a big hug to Kit :)
      I try to share. I dont like movies so here is youtoube good way to show people. I m pleased that you all like my idea. Its so simple that head hurts ;)

      Happy Holidays to you ALL!

  7. Thanks, Simona, for sharing your album! I saw it at Kit's video and I loved the way it surprises us! It is an awesome idea! Happy Scrapping! Candida in Brazil

  8. Great Mini album gift!